Vasile Flooring of Chicago provides a variety of flooring solutions for commercial and residential. They are known for the best quality workmanship at competitive prices. From solid hardwood floor installation, new custom floors, hand scraped floors, designs, engineered products and a laminate that looks just like natural wood, in popular species like Red Oak, White Oak, Maple, Walnut, Bamboo, Brazilian Cherry, Tiger wood, dustless refinishing, and durable low VOC finishes among our array of other services to meet your demands for exquisite, durable and lasting floors.

Our Work

Hardwood Floor Installation
Floor Repair
Floor Refinishing
Floor Sanding
Floor Restoration
Gap Filling
Custom Floor Staining
Custom Floor Design
Custom Floor Borders
Ductless Floor Sanding
Floor Waxing
Hardwood Floor Varnishing
Floor Medallions
Gym Floor Sanding
Gym Floor Installation
Floor Trim Installation
Wood Floor Vents
Thrash Holds